Before "Big Data" Abator was helping
its clients turn raw data into actionable intelligence.
Building IT project teams since 1984!
  • Project Management Office Support
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance/IV&V
  • Change Management
  • Migrations & Modernization (e.g. legacy to .NET)
  • Applications development & maintenance
  • Database Administration & Data Warehousing
  • Reporting Solutions (local, state & federal regulatory reporting compliance)

Abator offers on-demand information technology expertise based on 25+ years past performance builiding and managing engagement teams for our commercial and government customers. We work with customers to provide creative solutions achieving results with dramatic cost reductions by applying our unique Project/Quality Management approaches, architecture and design skills. Abator's US-based hosted integrated development environment is available via a secure collaboration portal with web-based software and central repositories for all project artifacts: support applications; libraries and utilities; issue, change and build management; and, quality assurance.

As consultants in strategic information management, Abator supports its government and corporate clients in effectively serving their constituencies while complying with constantly changing regulations and legislation. We assist state agencies comprehensively identify families and individuals in need; to help states deliver targeted health and human services programs while accurately reporting on the distribution of state and federal funds. Abator’s corporate clients reap the benefits of simplified compliance with local, state and federal reporting requirements.

Drawing on our deep information systems expertise and strong regulatory knowledge, Abator is building This Turbo Tax-like web portal will offer a guided process to assist diverse businesses identify and apply for state diversity certifications that will help them increase opportunity and participate in local, state and federal contracting programs.

  • Core competencies in information and project management; systems, applications and web development; technical support; system engineering; data warehousing and database administration.
  • Abator is a certified Women Business Enterprise. Our WBE ownership influences our corporate culture and management style toward developing quality relationships that will continue to last decades
  • Founded in 1983 as "Avatar Information Services," we incorporated in Pennsylvania in April 1984.  A federal trade registration dispute led to our name change. Abator means "terminator or eliminator".  This Abator terminates IT project engagement and diversity certification problems.