Just like most of our clients, we’ve experienced multiple generations of technology – Autocoder to JAVA; spaghetti code through top-down, modular and structured methodologies; used the traditional waterfall model SDLCs, code generators and CASE tools for rapid prototyping; object oriented design and development and unified modeling tools. Abator has migrated flat files to hierarchical and relational data structures and data warehouses; and, participated in the conversion of legacy systems to multi-tier client/server environments. Abator’s been involved with almost every platform. Our core competencies include:

  • Information and project management; systems, applications and web development; technical support; system engineering; data warehousing and database administration.
  • Migrations & Modernization (e.g. legacy to .NET)
  • Project Management Office Support
  • Risk Management
  • Quality Assurance/IV&V
  • Change Management
  • Reporting Solutions (local, state & federal regulatory reporting compliance)
  • Project oversight using Lolopop PMO methodology, which is derived from best practice experience (PMBoK, Agile, Six Sigma, etc.) and is adaptable to client needs

And, 20+ years’ experience supporting various state and local agencies in Delaware, New York, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Montana, Nebraska, North Carolina, Ohio, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Washington and Wisconsin. Current master services agreements in: Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Montana and New York. Abator supports critical missions such as:

  • Social Assistance & Public Aid
  • MMIS/HIPAA; Claims Waivers; Cost Settlement & OIG Systems
  • Virtual Case Management & Patient Tracking
  • Claims Processing & Adjudication
  • Child Support Enforcement; WIC & Childcare Tracking
  • Workers Compensation & Employment Security
  • Statewide Accounting; Tax Collections & Financial Reporting
  • Highway Crash Reporting (DOT)